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Quit smoking permanently and start living happily ever after

There are various addicts in this world. Some are the addicts of good things like- love, passion, hard work, dedication, devotion, etc. But some are really addicted to hateful things like- cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc. People who are addicted to these bad things are such clumsy that they know, these stuffs are life-threatening, but they cannot leave or quit it. One of the most difficult questions has been- How to quit smoking? And yes, I also agree that this is really a very tough question. So, let’s find some ways to stop this bad habit.

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Various people gives various reasons for smoking, like some says due to tension or stress they have started smoking and now they cannot stop it. Some people really does not know the reason also how they have started this bad-habit. This thing is really dangerous to life because as we all know that ‘Smoking causes cancer.’ Various facts tell us that Smoking and drinking are the two worst enemies of human being and they are the main reason for various family-ruins like divorce, etc. This smoking thing literally ruins many families and this must be stopped. One of the best ways to stop this is- quit smoking hypnosis.

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One of the main reasons as I have mentioned earlier in this article for smoking is stress. The scientific reason behind this is- whenever we have stress our mind gets heavy due to certain hormonal levels, and we start to feel unhappy and tensed. Now, nicotine which is the main ingredient of cigarettes is an anti-depressant, which soothes mind and gives it some amount of relaxation. Thus, people smoke cigarettes. But this is not a viable reason. There are many people in this world having lots of stress and they do not smoke also. So I suggest each and every people on this planet Earth to quit smoking. There are some popular forums available online having active discussions on this matter.

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Hypnosis has been a very good method that helps people to quit the bad habit of smoking. Quit smoking hypnosis have helped around 45.3% of the people who have adopted this method, which is really an impressive statistics. In this method people are hypnotized and they are made to believe in this fact that smoking is the worst possible thing in human life and we must hate it. Thus, our sub-conscious mind gains this and we start hating cigarette and smoking.

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So, I expect that all of the doubts have been cleared regarding smoking and cigarettes and why should it be stopped. This causes cancer and ergo, it is really very bad. Besides this, it causes various other harmful diseases too, which we do not want to have in our beautiful life.


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